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Mercury Technologies are industrial refrigeration specialists with worldwide experience in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Some of our services on offer include;

. Facility and system design
Working with architects and production experts, Mercury can conceptually design and layout food production and processing facilities. Cooling system configurations, from small stand-alone packaged chillers to built-up, ammonia-based industrial cooling system will be determined and applied using years of experience. Secondary refrigerants, CO2, district cooling

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. Tender and construction management
Worldwide experience in industrial refrigeration system design, tendering and construction.

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. Systems analysis
For insurance, code compliance and energy conservation reasons, refrigeration systems should be accurately and frequently documented. Mercury Technologies Ltd. can provide the necessary on-site expertise to meet the survey requirements of the EU and North America.

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. Risk assessment and offsite consequence analysis
Mercury Technologies Ltd. offers the following services associated with risk assessment and mitigation:

  • Written Schemes of Examination
  • Detailed risk assessments of industrial refrigeration systems, meeting EU and US regulatory requirements
  • Process Safety Management - meeting the North American OSHA and EPA regulatory requirements.
  • Upgrade and installation of safety hardware – detection, ventilation, signage, PPE
  • Assessment of procedures, training, documentation, etc.
  • Drills, Coordination with emergency services
  • IIAR ammonia hazard analysis

Mercury Technologies Ltd. offers the following services associated with adherence to the requirements of DSEAR/ATEX

  • DSEAR risk assessment
  • Hardware and procedures analysis
  • Ventilation flow measurement and design
  • Roof void gas cloud review
  • Offsite ammonia plume modelling.
  • Zoning

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